😍 More Simply Savings - Newsletter April 2019 🐣

Newsletter April 2019


  • Customer Appreciation Day
  • Six weeks of celebration!
  • Reminder: Price match guarantee
  • Vernon's Keto Headquarters: update
  • Giveaway contests
  • How to earn your 10% off bulk

Customer Appreciation Day

A couple of last month's samplers on Customer Appreciation Day
April 2nd is the first Tuesday of the month, which marks another Customer Appreciation Day! Make sure to come by for:
  • 20% discount on bulk
  • 15% discount on Natural Factors vitamins
  • 10% discount on other vitamins & grocery items
This month, we will have samples of:
  • BC Brine (Pickling products)
  • Flavors Kitchen (Perogies)
  • Your Seasoned Chef Inc - UMAMI (Dressing)
  • Natural Factors (Vitamins & Supplements)
We will be open 8am-8pm, with the samples being there between 10am-2pm. See you then!

Six weeks of celebration!

We'll celebrate by saving you more!
Your Simply Delicious Team has had a couple of busy weeks. With the newly hired Purchaser for our store, we have been able to lower the prices of thousands of items in the store!!!!

Great news for you and great news for us. Hence we decided that it would be great to celebrate this gratifying fact.

April 2nd therefore also marks the start of Six Weeks of Simply Celebrations!

What this means for you as the customer?

You'll get 10% off on packaged grocery items' newest reduced prices for 6 weeks!!
Click here for more information on simply savings!

Reminder: Price Match Guarantee

Money money money, it's so funny, when you don't have to spend all of it
Is there anyone that likes to pay more than necessary? Checking out all the flyers to see which shop has the best price, then hopping in your car and visiting all those places...... sure takes a lot of precious time that could be spent with family instead, for example.

The Simply Delicious Natural Gourmet & Market has therefore decided to make sure that you never have to chase through town to get Vitamins that you need at the best price. Simply bring in a flyer, coupon or even a picture of a better price and we will match that price.

You won't only get the discounted price, you'll also earn points on every penny spent on vitamins, bulk foods, produce and anything that we sell. It helps you save up for a discounted 'shopping trip' at Simply Delicious later on.

Why stop anywhere else? We are here to be your One-Stop-Shop, 7 days a week, 8am-8pm.

Vernon's Keto Headquarters: Update

A brief selection of the Keto foods that we currently sell in the store
We are getting in more and more Keto products every week. Since we are aiming to be Vernon's Keto Headquarters, we are always actively searching for new products. Preferably from local companies.

The current local Keto products that we carry are coming from Oyama Sunblush and Mandi's sweet treats... And another one will be added this month. Stay tuned, more information will be posted soon on our Social Media accounts. Make sure to like or follow our pages to be up to date sooner!

Besides local producers, we are always actively hunting for interesting Keto products to add to our store. Do you have any suggestions? Are you missing something? Is there a certain product that for example is normally only available through ordering online, that you would love to shop in a close by store instead? Please let us know!
Click here to tell us about your (Keto) suggestions

Giveaway contests

We have been doing a couple of give away contests, mainly through Facebook! The winners are gifted accommodation in Mexico 5 days, 4 nights for 2 adults and up to 2 kids!

So far we've had 3 winners! We are enjoying it very much and are therefore planning on continuing these giveaway contests. Please keep a close eye on our Facebook page to get a shot at this great prize!

How to earn your 10% off bulk

Do you want to get 10% off bulk, even if there is no special sale that day?

It is simple! Leave a review for us on either Yelp, Facebook of Google. Show this to the cashier when checking out your groceries, et voila. 10% discount earned.

We are trying to gain more feedback on our store, so that we have a better idea about what are loyal customers think about us. So please, let us know and we'll get you that discount on bulk! And, of course, we will forever be grateful. :-)
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